Getting Started

This guide will help you get started using the Outgoing Filtering service.

To begin using SpamExperts Outgoing Filtering, you must first purchase a SpamExperts Outgoing Filtering service from here.

Creating Outgoing Users

The first thing you will need to do, is to create an outgoing user. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Client here here:
  2. Once logged in, select your domain that you purchased the license for and click the Manage button to login to the SpamExperts Control Panel for that domain.
    NOTE: If nothing happens after you click the Manage button, be sure that you have disabled the pop-up blocker.


  3. Click "Manage users" under the Outgoing section


  4. Locate the "Add a user" section pictured below and select the "Authenticating User" tab


  5. Enter the desired username/email prefix and password and click "Add" to create the account

Configuring your Email Client

Configure your email client with the following details:

  • Mail Hostname:
  • Mail Username: the full email address you created above
  • Mail Password: the password you specified above
  • Outgoing Port Number: 587 (Supports STARTTLS)

More information
For more information, please refer to

  • spam experts, outgoing, authentication
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