Step 2 - Activating Your Domain Name

For your domain name to be activated, please check if the following condition has been met:

  1. For new domain name registrations (the ones you purchase/register through us)
    • If you have paid your invoice and sent the proof of payment through, then there is nothing that needs to be done from your side. If you just bought the domain name when ordering our hosting services and you are sure that your payment has been processed, please allow up to 24 hours before your domain name is accessible through your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  2. If you already own your domain name and have chosen to keep your domain name with your current domain provider/registrar:
    • Please proceed to update your domain name to point to our name servers which you will have received on your welcome email - See below for detailed instructions.
    • If you have already updated your domain's DNS to point to our DNS servers, you can try to refresh your own computer's DNS cache by doing the following:
      1. On Windows, click on the Start button, then click Run, type cmd and click Ok.
      2. You should get a black window with C:\Users\yourusername>
      3. Type the following: C:\Users\yourusername>ipconfig /flushdns
      4. C:\Users\yourusername>ping
      5. After you do the ping, you should see the same IP Address as you see in your New Account Information. If your IP is still pointing to the old Hosts IP Address, try rebooting your router.  If you still don't see the new IP address, you will need to allow 24 hours for your ISP to refresh their DNS cache.  Alternatively you can open a support ticket with our support desk by sending an email to
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