Step 1 - New Order Process & Hosting Control Panel (cPanel) Access


What should I expect after placing my order?

Below we will show you how our order processing system works:

  1. The client places an order from on our website.
  2. The client will be expected to make the payment for the order.
  3. Once payment is received, the order will go into our fraud screening officers. This is just a security measure for safety purposes.
  4. Depending on your order, we will check manually. If everything is okay, the order will be accepted and activated (usually within 1-24 hours of placing the order).
  5. Once the order is accepted, you will receive your account access information via a welcome email. This email contains all access and login information to your control panel. If you have not received this email, it means your order is still being processed or you need to check your spam folder.  If you are certain that you did not receive the email, then please contact us on or open a ticket by clicking Support -> Open a Support Ticket
  6. Once you have access to your control panel, you can begin managing your hosting account immediately.

How do I login to my cPanel (hosting account control panel):

  1. Please make sure your order has been activated by us and that you have received your account access information. Please refer to our order activation process above.
  2. You can login to your control panel by following the instructions within your New Account Information email.
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